New stock coming soon – thanks to you!

First of all, thanks to every single person who made our launch yesterday a resounding success. In the time leading up to our launch my mind had twisted itself through every eventually and in the end I’d pretty much convinced myself that the best we could hope for would be to take one or two orders in the first week.

Amazingly though, thanks to close friends and then not so close friends and then complete strangers, word got out about our little venture and people started browsing the site. I sat, glued to the real time analytics watching as people all over the UK and the rest of the world (hey maybe one day we’ll offer you guys international shipping!) flooded in.

And then we got our first order. Then shortly after that another! Incredible! Soon we were wrapping up boxes ready for the morning post and then suddenly it was 1am!

New orders ready for pick up!

New orders ready for pick up!

The long and short of it is that we took enough orders on day one to be able to comfortably put in a new order at our wholesaler. Restocking what we’ve sold and increasing the range of products we can offer.

Thanks to those of you who have requested and reccommended games on our forums, blog posts and Facebook – we are exploring our options on those and many more!