Get It In Time For Christmas!

Hey everyone. Christmas draws ever closer and it’s time to start your panic buying! We’re just writing to let you know that today (16th Dec) is the last day for pre-Christmas shipping. If you order after today we will try our very best and there is still a good chance of pre-Christmas delivery on orders […]


Cyber Monday

There’s nothing quite like taking advantage of the national holidays of another country! To all the Americans, hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We won’t pretend to know what it’s about but we will offer 15% off EVERYTHING for today only! Use offer code TURKEY15 at the checkout.

Who’s The Daddy?

We’ve mentioned it a few times before but the entirety of the TBGS empire is just 2 guys. Myself and Jesse. Up until now we focused on knuckling down and really nailing how we do things around here and have both been super busy. On top of that, Jesse only went and had a baby! […]

comp closed

Did you win a board game?!

And so our competition has drawn to a close. Thank you to everyone who entered, retweeted, shared etc. We’ve been pleased as punch with all the support we’ve received since our launch. Makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All winners have now been notified so you should probably check your in-boxes, DM’s, carrier pigeons […]


Win a copy of Pandemic!

We’ve just launched and it’s time to get the word out. We did some research and apparently a “Viral Campaign” is all the rage these days? What, then, could be a more appropriate prize than the awesome Pandemic? And for a runner up we have a copy of Zombie Dice DELUXE! There are three ways […]

Luke Walker and Jesse Baker - Founders of The Board Game Shop

The Board Game Shop is here!

After a great deal of planning, coding and largely faffing around, we are very proud and generally pleased as punch to launch The Board Game Shop, a new online shop for board games based in the UK. To celebrate we are offering 10% off absolutely everything on the store! (Just add the code “WELCOME” when […]


It cometh!

The day draws near… today we received our first delivery of stock and promptly locked it away to prevent us from just tearing everything open and playing with it all! To anybody who was already reading the blog or following us on twitter etc, a massive thank you for your patience. We are so very […]