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You are a Zombie. You love brains. You hate shotguns.

A very simple dice game of balancing risk versus reward. Do you keep rolling for more tasty brains but risk a shotgun to the rotten putrid face or do you quit while you’re ahead and snack on the grey matter you already have?

Great fun and very quick, I nice little add-on for gaming nights.

  • 2- lots & lots of players.
  • A 10 minute game that you can play anywhere.
  • Includes 13 special game dice.
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1 review for Zombie Dice

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love this game.
    Usually have it with me as it fits nicely in the side pocket of my laptop bag. Nice and quick and easy to follow, its a good one to play at the pub with a few friends over a pint. Piece of paper is handy for jotting down scores or just use the notepad on your phone.

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