Who’s The Daddy?

We’ve mentioned it a few times before but the entirety of the TBGS empire is just 2 guys. Myself and Jesse.

Up until now we focused on knuckling down and really nailing how we do things around here and have both been super busy. On top of that, Jesse only went and had a baby! DAAWWWWW! So he is now a proud father to an adorable baby girl and I’m sure you will all join me in wishing him luck while he figures out how babies work.

So apologies for there being less updates to the blog recently but hopefully you lovely people who have shopped with us will have experienced our efforts first hand and are pleased with the service you’ve received.

Finally a big thank you to all our customers and followers, the past 6 months have been great and you have all been a part in helping us realise the dream of our humble board game store.

Keep your eyes peeled for more frequent content and new stock VERY soon!