Did you win a board game?!

And so our competition has drawn to a close. Thank you to everyone who entered, retweeted, shared etc. We’ve been pleased as punch with all the support we’ve received since our launch. Makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

All winners have now been notified so you should probably check your in-boxes, DM’s, carrier pigeons and what have you.

In other news…

We still have products waiting to go up on the site as our range expands but we are also super interested in your thoughts on what to keep. Don’t forget that there is a thread on our forums for that very purpose!¬†What? You haven’t signed up to the forums yet? But… I don’t understand…I thought we were friends?

Well, anyway… lots to do today, more products to add, more blog posts to write. Plus this game of Netrunner isn’t going to play itself.